100% Satisfaction Guarantee Holiday Offer!

If you or the one you give this movie to is not 100% satisfied we will refund the entire purchase price (minus shipping & handling) and you or the recipient can keep the DVD and as our gift to you. No strings attached just log in to www.ppgthemovie.com or call and it's that easy.

Offer Expires January 1, 2005

100% Satisfaction money back guarantee: You get the DVD with FREE VHS $29.95 plus shipping and handling*

For all football coaches $19.95 for DVD and FREE VHS plus shipping and handling*

"Official Movie Poster"(11"x17") $8.95 plus plus shipping and handling*

Multiple copies of movie (DVD or VHS) quoted upon request by calling toll-free 214-368-4735 or emailing -- most likely at 30-40% off

Nonprofit groups, booster clubs and churches get up to a special 50% off on volume purchases ($29.95 as list price)

*For all shipping and handling add $5.95

For immediate response, please call: 214-368-4735, 9am to 6pm, Central Time, Monday through Friday.

Qty. Description Price Ea. Total
DVD and motion picture soundtrack 29.95
DVD and motion picture soundtrack - COACHES ONLY PRICE 19.95
VHS movie 19.95
Motion picture soundtrack $9.95 (if purchased with any $19.95 SKU) 9.95
Movie Poster 8.95
Shipping & Handling
Non-Texas residents check here?  


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