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“It is the yard stick by which to judge future sports movies and docudramas.” [read more]

Robert McCarth









“This film is a great look into how dedication and goals are succeeded not by just winning, but pulling together and playing as a team.”

Dwayne Ross
Head Football Coach






What other people are saying about PPG

I purchased the movie last spring. As a Head
football coach in Utah, I see the pure essence
of football. The dedication drive and determination
of a program stepping up to the next level of
competition. This is a must see movie of Real
football. (Not Hollywood) Also please enter me into
the Challenge.

Thank you
Coach Scott Henderson

Ken, I loved that movie. I watch it all the time my
coaching buddies try to steal it from me. I am moving
to Texas in June from Pasadena Ca. I hope you
do more!

Take Care,
Mike Riazzi

I thought your movie was of excellent quality and was very well made. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. I enjoyed it much more than Friday Night Lights. I found it to be not only entertaining, but also inspiring. It was great to get a behind the scenes look. Thanks again for a job well done, and keep up the good work.

Mick Holt
Head football coach Cedar Vale HS

I just wanted to let you know that my entire family loves this movie. We have seen "Friday Night Lights" and read the book. As the mom of a former high school football player and another that is beginning his high school career, I can confidently state that your movie is the real deal.
    The story of the Celina team is an accurate portrayal of small town high school football. As my youngest son watched the movie he commented on how his high school coaches said the same things as Celina's coaches. It was
as if he was watching hispractices and games on the movie. From my football family to yours; thanks for showing high school football accurately.

Tammy Baker

I watched the DVD last night, and couldn't stop it. I must
tell you that I have never given Texas High School Football much of a chance since moving here in 1998, but this film is making me reconsider. What a great documentary. Bravo!
Celina is now my team.

Bob Sturm
1310 The Ticket

"I have seen Friday Night Lights and now the Power, Passion and Glory and PP&G wins hands down. Real people over coming the odds with hard work, intelligence and a loving care/suport by the entire town of this football team will be well
remembered. It is the yard stick by which to judge future sports movies and docudramas."

Robert McCarthy
Corpus Christi, Texas

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