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"This is real high school football. I love everything about this movie"

Randy Lowman, Coach
Catawba, NC

"Thanks for the reply. I received the DVD and sat down and watched it as soon as I got it. I am the Athletic Director/Head Football Coach at Hamlin High School. My wife is from Celina and I am from Pilot Point. Go figure, huh? Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that it was a truly great piece of work. You did a super job of capturing the essence of what makes Celina's program so successful. You also gave Texas high school football coaches, players, and fans something that we can be proud of for many years to come."

Chad Worrell
Head Football Coach
Hamlin High School

"Last night, looked at Power, Passion and Glory. I had listened to the soundtrack the afternoon prior.
     "Though the film started out slowly in my opinion, it got progressively interesting and really built up a head of emotional steam all the way to the conclusion. No doubt, the coach was the star of the show. I would say that it would be inspiring for any high school athlete, particularly football players. Seventy wins in a row for a high school football team...that's just unbelievable."

James Rizzuti
AL Managing Associate
Lexington, SC

"I think I've seen just about every football movie that's ever been made, from Knute Rockne All American to Friday Night Lights. None of these have even come close to portraying real football, as I know and love it. Until now, thank you for showing the world what Texas Football is all about."

Kenneth Peterman
Pottsboro, Texas



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"Power, Passion, and Glory is a great film that really showcases high school football in the state of Texas. This is a must see for all coaches, and players alike. It truly shows the relationships that are formed by the hard work and dedication that are put forth for success."

Dwayne Ross
Head Football Coach
Dublin High School
Dublin, Texas

I have covered Texas High School football for more than 20 years. This film is what TEXAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL is about. There are problems with teenagers growing up, but this film shows what a positive attitude and hard work can do. It is a good bet that none of these kids will play on Sunday or even on a national stage on Saturday, but that does not take away from the message of this movie. It only enforces it. The only thing I did not like about the film was it was TOO SHORT. "Friday Night Lights" is a good movie, but "Power, Passion, and Glory" is a GREAT FILM. My thanks to you for making a film that pulls back the curtain on the fervor that Texas High School football creates.
     I am sending this message to my entire address book with the link to your website.

Brett A. Tulloss
Lancaster, Texas

This was an excellent film it is so great to see the teamwork that was displayed within this DVD. In today's world it is not often you see aired the positive things our teenagers are doing. This film is a great look into how dedication and goals are succeeded not by just winning, but pulling together and playing as a team. This displayed what hard work means as well as the rewards for staying positive. Thanks for making this film Ken America needs to show more of the positive actions from our teenagers today. Displayed within this film shows passion, dedication, glory, goals, teamwork, perserverance and the simple love showed to your classmates that will forever have changed lives. Whether young or old this film shows a true Texas tablespoon of will power for all. Thank You

Tammy Norris

"This is the best real football movie I've seen and I've seen a bunch."

Bernie Volpe
Neward, Ohio

"This is real football not the way Hollywood does it!"

Gary Hawthorne
Palm Springs, California

"Better than "Friday Night Lights" by far. Great picture of what high school football is really all about. Ken and his team really captured the "magic" of that season, and the emotions surrounding it. All five of my thumbs up!"

Rick Kessler
Celina, Texas

Unbelievable! You did a tremendous job of telling the story and truly illustrating what Celina Football is all about!

Rod McDaniel
Pottsboro High School

"The movie was awsome. I graduated from Celina in '99, and was on the first of the four State Championship Teams in '98.When Coach Ford talked about that loss to Pilot Point that year I remembered all the guys I played with and how that team meeting went the next day with the coaches. The film expressed to my wife why I'm so passionate about football, and its because, it's more than a game. I could go on, but in short, awsome job and I hope that it does well."

Derek Blackmon
Minister of Youth
Wylie, Texas


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