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Motion Picture Soundtrack

“Power, Passion & Glory:
The real story of Texas football madness
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Songlist and credits

  1. Lost in Time (Evans) 3:51
  2. Celina Express (Evans) 2:30
  3. Monique by Moonlight (Evans/Erwin) 3:18
  4. Rebel Dream (Evans/Katt) 2:50
  5. Lights of Heaven (Evans/Katt) 2:10
  6. The Lake (Evans) 3:10
  7. Hopes and Dreams (Evans/Thomas) 2:35
  8. Dreams of the Lonely (Evans) 2:30
  9. That Night (Evans) 2:29
  10. Never Let it Fade Away (Evans) 3:10
  11. So Long Ago (Evans/Katt) 2:18

ALL SONGS ©Copyright 2004

Produced and Mixed by Chip Evans
Recorded at Metro Songs Services, Inc., in Dallas, Texas
Engineered by Chip Evans and Mike Thomas
Assisted by Jason Erwin
Arranged by Chip Evans

Chip Evans Piano, Guitar, Keyboards
(Bass on Lost in Time)

Mike McCraw Drums
(Except Celina Express, Rebel Dream, Lights of Heaven, So Long Ago and Never Let it Fade Away)

Jason Erwin Violin
(Lost in Time, Celina Express, Lights of Heaven, One Lonely Night)

Johnson Katt Drums, Bass, Guitar
(Drums and Bass on Celina Express, Lights of Heaven, Rebel Dream, Never Let it Fade Away, Dreams of the Lonely, So Long Ago and Lead guitar on Rebel Dream)

Special Thanks to Ken Heckmann and JR



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